Getting to know: Wakefield United

Newly Formed Wakefield United are a team with a big difference.

As a member of the media team, it only seems fair that the first club I post about on my new website is the newly formed Wakefield United.

Which is the biggest city in the UK to have never had a football league club? The answer, Wakefield. Historically a ‘rugby town’, Wakefield has never had much success with the round ball compared to the egg-shaped one.

Formed in December of 2018, Wakefield United is a team with a difference compared to your usual football club. The ethos that the club is built around is that it aims to “provide free football to all refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to Wakefield”, with British players also welcomed, the club aims to bring a real sense of community to the area and have integration of people from all walks of life.

Perhaps what has really brought this club into the spotlight currently, is that Wakefield band ‘The Cribs’ are now key sponsors of the kit. This has seen the club yet to kick a ball garner attention from national news outlets.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for the club so far has been to find a suitable venue to train and play, with a lot of hope being placed in the proposed Wakefield Community Stadium.

The formation of the club has been complicated for founder Matt Thomas, however, a strong social media presence has brought together volunteers from across the country to help in the project.


Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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