Getting to know: Worcester Park FC

After scouring through a couple of groundhopper reports you will find out that Skinners Field home of Worcester Park FC since 1921 has “some of the best food and best football in non-league”, a statement that again and again appears if you do any research into the club.

Currently members of the Surrey Elite Intermediate League (Step 7), despite winning the Combined Counties League last season (Step 6), the club was told they had to improve their facilities and due to them not owning Skinners Field this was unlikely to happen.

Prior to joining the Combined Counties League in 2003, the club had been in and around the Surrey non-league scene. In 1949 the football club was admitted to the old Surrey Senior League where it stayed throughout the fifties and early sixties before demotion to intermediate grade football. “The Park” then became a founder member of the Surrey County Premier League in 1982 before its name change to the Surrey County Senior League in 2000.

Despite having hosted Step 6 football for over a decade, the FA launched new rules on what a ground needs to qualify for step 6 & above, sadly for “The Skinners” and a couple of other clubs in The Combined Counties League they were demoted. Its probably not my place to comment but the step between step 6 and 7 is huge, and I think its highly unfair that a club who has hosted step 6 football for years and even win the league can get demoted for non-football reasons.

Despite the difficulties that the club has faced off the pitch, all of us here at ClimbingTheLeagues want to wish Worcester Park all the best for whats left of their season and the future. We also look forward to seeing how many more GIFs you guys can come up with. #UpThePark #ParkLife

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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