“Play for the badge on the front”

This website has been running for a while now and our feature page has been empty, well no more!

There are two types of kits in the non-league, some clubs just pick a colour and get whatever is cheapest or on offer at the time, others however go all out and really put time and effort into what they are going to be seen in.

It’s the clubs that have gone all out that we are going to look at, and here are a few of our favourite kits in the non-league ladder.

Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick FC have teamed up with Nike London, Avery Dennison, Tottenham Textiles and east London creative agency, HeyBigMan!, to create two of the best looking football shirts you’ll see in 2019.

The ambition with this shirt project is for the club to become the symbol of anti youth violence activism in London.

Wakefield United

The kit for newly founded Wakefield United is currently unavailable but will be available for pre-order very shortly, with all funds going back into the club.

Note the Amnesty logo in the bottom corner as a representation of what the club stands for.

Designed by Wakefield based GDZ and sponsored by Wakefield born band ‘The Cribs’ this is a real representation of the city.

Caversham United

The kit, the badge, the club nickname and the final kit design were all voted for by the public, and honestly i think they did an amazing job.

Available to buy at footballkitbox.com for one time only, its a must have for all kit collectors out there.

Plus theres a massive goat on it. Any more reasons needed?

Penrith Academy FC

Credit: @ColinCw77

Last but certainly not least my hometown club, Penrith Academy, We dont know if its the lads that wear it or the kit itself but its certainly a beaut.

A brand new Joma short sleeve kit for this season with an accompanying tracksuit and training kit, available to purchase from the club should you wish.

In all seriousness though big thanks to all the sponsors for this season!

Your favourite kit missing off this list?

That just about wraps it up for our favourite 2018/19 non-league kits, there are many many kits that we debated and looked at, thanks to everyone on twitter who sent us suggestions and we promise we did go through all three of them!

Join the debate and send us a picture of your club’s kit on our Twitter channel @CTLfooty or on our website ClimbingTheLeagues.wordpress.com.

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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