Getting to know: Wanderers FC

The first ever incarnation of Wanderers FC goes back as far as 1859, playing originally under the name Forest Football Club.

Founder members of the Football Association in 1863, the following year the club played its first match under the name Wanderers Football Club. It was decided by one of the founding players because of the expense the club was incurring through owning its own ground, to turn it into a ‘Wandering’ team with no fixed home venue.

This first Wanderers team folded in 1887, and most people would of thought that was it for the winner of the first two FA Cups. Until 2009 when with the blessing of the original founders, the Wanderers came back to life originally as a team for charity matches but then in 2011 the team joined the Surrey South Eastern Combination.

The new Wanderers FC, has set out targets and want to get back into the FA Cup by the 2031-32 season, which would be the 150th FA Cup and an amazing achievement if it’s successful.

The club still hold up the codes and values of the original Wanderers, that being ‘The Wanderers Way’ which according to the clubs website includes” A good bunch of intelligent, interesting people who happen to play a competitive game of football in the right spirit who then go and socialise after the game, whatever the result.”

From everyone here at ClimbingTheLadder we just want to wish the Wanderers all the best, and hopefully we will see you guys back in the FA Cup soon. #ProudtoWander

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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