Getting to know: Gretna FC 2008

Today’s ‘Getting to know’ is Gretna FC 2008, a fairly new side founded in, you guessed it 2008, after the collapse of Gretna FC a club which had played in the town since 1946.

Casual fans would be forgiven for confusion between the two sides, as the club played at the same stadium, have similar badges and the same nicknames, either ‘The black and whites’ or ‘The Anvils’, however Gretna FC 2008 and Gretna FC are two completely different clubs.

Gretna’s Supporters’ Society used the supporters’ trust to found a new club called Gretna FC 2008, with Anton Hodge in the role of the chairman and strongly supported by the UK bingo website The club is in a 100% ownership of the Supporters’ Society, and the board consists of the elected society members.

In 2013, the club became founder members of the Lowland League, having previously played in the East of Scotland Football League Premier Division after promotion in 2010-11 from the East of Scotland Football League first Division.

Gretna have remained in the Lowland League ever since, fluctuating around the midtable area generally. The club did threaten promotion in the 2014-15 season finishing 3rd in the league, but were some distance behind eventual winners Edinburgh City FC.

Despite their short history the club does have some trophies in its cabinet, the club have won The East of Scotland City Cup, The East of Scotland Qualifying Cup on two occasions and the Alex Jack Cup.

The team played for most of the 2008–09 season at the Everholm Stadium in Annan. Late in the season, however, the new owners of Raydale Park allowed Gretna 2008 to move to the ground in their home town, meaning that once again Gretna had a team to get behind.

In May 2011, the Raydale Community Partnership, of which Gretna FC 2008 is a member, negotiated the purchase of the site. Meaning that Gretna FC 2008 owned their own stadium.

Everyone here at ‘ClimbingTheLadder’ would like to wish Gretna 2008 all the best for the coming season and the future.

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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