International: Panjab FA

The latest edition of of Non-Fifa International series is here and today we are covering Panjab FA.

Founded in 2014, The Panjab Football Team which is run by the Panjab Football Association was formed in in the United Kingdom and represents the Punjabi Diaspora from all over the globe. The Punjab region which the team represents is an area that stretches across parts of eastern Pakistan and northern India, and the association has aligned itself within the boundaries of this area, as represented by the Sikh Empire under Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the 19th century.


In their short history Panjab have played in a number of monumental fixtures and continue to break barriers and create opportunities for people in their community. Some of these fixtures include games against Burton Albion, Liverpool FC U23’s and the England C team.

Since their formation, Panjab have also joined ConIFA, the Confederation for Independant Football Associations, competing at two ConIFA World Cup’s finishing Runners Up in their first tournament during 2016 and a commendable 5th place during the 2018 tournament.

Panjab according to Chairman Harpeet Singh, are a “sleeping community in sport” and its one of the associations goals to awaken this sleeping giant. The Panjab team is made up of mostly semi-pro players from multiple leagues in the English Non-League system, however following the teams success at the ConIFA World Cup in 2016 three players were invited to trial at Notts County. This just shows what a great asset to the Panjab community this team is and will continue to be.

From everyone here at Climbing The Ladder, we hope that you continue on your great journey for years to come, and achieve all your goals whatever they may be.

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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