Feature: Football Kit Cards

The features section of our website is one that has long been forgotten about on our site, when football season gets underway and clubs are asking us to write about them, the time to sit and write a feature piece is just non existent.

But no more! From now we are going to use our feature section to bring you some products and other accounts, be they twitter pages, eBay pages or websites that we think our audience will also enjoy!

Therefore without further a do we will hand you over to Jon the founder of Football Kit Cards to tell you all about why you need Football Kit Cards in your life.

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jonmorse/90s-football-shirt-playing-cards

Hi, I’m Jon and this is FootballKitCards – 52 cards featuring the good, the bad and the ugly of 90s Premier League football shirts.

If you’re wondering ‘​why?​’ then you probably didn’t spend the 90s doing any of the following:

● flicking through the football scores on Ceefax (page 302 anyone?)
● playing actual 90 minute games on FIFA and racking up scores of 150-0 (indoor mode, obviously)
● and you’ve certainly never put a sticky plaster on your nose to see what it would feel like to be Robbie Fowler

If you are guilty of at least one of these, please read on – this is for you.

10 months ago I was faced with 2 options – putting up the cot for our second child (big relationship points), or, creating a deck of playing cards featuring 90’s football shirts (zero relationship points). I chose the latter – I hope you like them (spoiler: my wife doesn’t).

The deck features 52 shirts from 25 teams – classic kits of Premier League stalwarts to stomach-churning shirts of one season no-hopers. Oh, and two Jokers (featuring 90s referee shirts…).

The Aces are 4 classic goalkeeper shirts including Nigel Spink’s 1993 Villa shirt and Pavel Srnicek’s 1995 Newcastle top.


“These cards epitomise everything that’s great about 90s football. If you know your Mike Phelan from your Noel Whelan, you’ll want a pack of these!” Ged Colleypriest, ​Underdog Sports Marketing

And also popular 90’s football podcast @QuicklyKevin like us!

For any questions please contact Jon:

Email: ​footballkitcards@gmail.com
Instagram – @footballkitcards
Twitter – @kitcards1

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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