Getting to Know: Chingford AFC

Today’s Getting to Know, Chingford AFC, were only founded in 2007 but since their conception the club has gone on an incredible run winning 16 trophies in their 12 year history.

The club was originally set up by a group of mates who wanted to take a step up from 5 and 7 a side football, to the 11 a side game. Since then the club has grown and with no end in site, will probably continue too.

Chingford now have 5 sides. The first team play in the Essex Olympian Football League Division 1 . The Development play in the Essex Olympian League Division 4 while their reserve side play in the Essex Alliance Football League Senior Division and the Sunday mens teams play in the Essex Corinthian League First and Second Divisions.

It’s very clear then that not only have Chingford grown, but the success that they had in their earliest days playing in the Ilford and District League back in 2007 has followed them. Even this season the club had two teams win their respective divisions, the 1st team winning the Essex Olympian League Division Two and the Development team winning the Essex Alliance Division Two.

Unlike some of the older Non-League clubs, Chingford if you check their social media channels, truly understand that in the modern age social media is one of the most important things a club can use in order to attract sponsors, fans, new players and organise friendlies.

However, it isn’t just adults football that Chingford have interests in, a new section has appeared on their club website offering introduction to football classes for kids between 3 and 5, and in the future classes for older kids and 1-2-1 coaching sessions. So perhaps some Chingford junior sides could be on the horizon? After all the club has been charter standard since 2016.

But whatever happens in the future of Chingford AFC, we are the sure the great success that the young club has had will continue in the future and everyone here at Climbing The Ladder would just like to wish them all the best.

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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