Getting to Know: Willington Quay Saints FC

The North East always has and always will be a hot bed for football in the UK. Despite the downward spiral that the professional teams Newcastle United and Sunderland have been on in recent years, at Non-League level the North East is thriving.

One of the clubs that is thriving, is the subject of today’s ‘Getting to Know’ Willington Quay Saints.

Founded in 2000, ‘The Saints’ are currently in preparation for their 20th season as a club, with every intention of building on last years record breaking season that saw them miss out on promotion by just 4 points.

Willington currently play in Division Two of the Northern Football Alliance, and from their home ground at Rising Sun Sports in Wallsend, ‘The Saints’ are constantly growing as a club.

This year saw Willington create a number of youth teams from under 8’s upwards, therefore marking the 2019/20 season not just a massive season in the clubs history, but also in their future.

Speaking of the clubs past, every year the club play an internal cup game, named the Fordy Cup. A cup in which The Saints that are under 30 play against the over 30’s from the current squad and from the past. This is played in memory of Graham Ford who ran the club and was an integral part in making Willington Quay Saints the club they are today.

If that’s not a window into what this club are all about then we don’t know what is, the club remember their past but are also looking forward to the Saints of the future.

From everyone here at Climbing The Ladder we’d just like to wish everyone at Willington all the best for the coming season and we hope you mark your 20th season with a promotion.

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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