Getting to Know: 1874 Northwich

Today’s ‘Getting to Know’ is here and we are off to look at a club that despite being formed 7 years ago back in 2012, is set to play its first ever season in its home town.

1874 Northwich is a club that’s very different from what you will often see at any club at whatever level on the football pyramid they play at in this country.

1874 are a club that are completely fan-owned and are very conscious about the impact they are having on their community. As we’ve already mentioned the club were formed in 2012 after many supporters of Northwich Victoria FC grew disenfranchised with the way that the club was being run. Therefore, instead of doing nothing the fans collectively decided to set up their own fan owned club.

The fan input into 1874 Northwich is constantly ongoing, even more so now that the clubs social media channels are growing. In the beginning fans helped decide the name and motto of the club, now in the present day the club are using its huge social media platform in order to allow fans and social media users alike to submit designs for the clubs home kit for the 2020-2021 season.

Despite in the past not being able to play in Northwich, 1874 have consistently attracted average crowds of between 2-3 hundred since their founding an impressive feat at this level in football and with the club now moving ‘home’ expect to see these figures increase.

Something that the new club felt was one of the most important things to focus on, was their impact in the community, helping others and giving them opportunities. This is why in its short history, 1874 have contributed to many local causes such as ‘Ciaran’s Cause’ and the club have formed links with local colleges in the area in order to help students gain experience, such as giving those doing photography the opportunity to do match day work. The 1874 Northwich FC Community Projects Team has also been formed in order to continue the work done by the club.

On the pitch, and 1874 Northwich have climbed the Non-League ladder to the point whereby the club currently sits in the Hallmark Security League Premier Division, along side the club that many of the owners used to support.

If you follow the club, either on match day or just on social media, its very obvious just how much this team contributes and how much it means to not just the owners but the normal fans that attend their games. And its because of this that we would like to wish 1874 all the best for this season from all of us at ‘Climbing The Ladder’.

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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