Getting to Know: Albanian FC

Formed in 1957, Today’s ‘Getting to Know’ Albanian FC have nothing to do with Albania as some may presume, instead they were formed by former students and teachers of a nearby secondary school from their base in North Finchley, London.

fielding four mens teams every Saturday afternoon, Albanian currently compete in the Amateur Football Combination. The league is currently one of the largest in Europe and has been for a number of years.

Home matches are played at the fantastic FCH Southover venue boasting an excellent grass pitch and modern changing facility and where the weather plays foul, Albanian have primary use of the brand new 4G facility at College of North East London in Enfield.

For players who feel like they are pushing on a bit, Albanian also field two different veterans teams. Meaning ideally one you join Albanian, you’re there for life!

Albanian FC are an FA Chartered Adult club with UEFA and FA licensed coaches taking regular training throughout the season. Off the pitch and the club have a community partnership with Pinnacle Fitness & Health, which gives all the clubs teams a regular access to a full fitness programme, nutritional guidance and osteopathy and physiotherapy services.

The clubs sole aim is too provide regular competitive Saturday afternoon football in a safe, fun and respectful environment for those that want it, and from what we’ve seen, they are doing a very good job of it.

From everyone here at Climbing The Ladder, we’d just like to wish everyone at Albanian FC all the best for the rest of this season and the future.

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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