FM20 Barrow (Ep: 1 – Preseason)

Without a major rebuilding to do, this was a rather timid first preseason of FM20 for us, concentrating on the financial side of things rather than recruitment first off.

We secured Leeds as a senior affiliate, more on that later.. and I rearranged some of our friendlies, playing clubs like Birmingham, Stoke and Brentford to get some money in, as opposed to (No offence) Linfield and Gloucester. I did leave a few smaller sides at the end of preseason though, just for a little confidence boost.

Transfer wise as previously mentioned, it was rather timid. We moved on some ageing high earners such as Connor Brown, Byron Harrison, Sam Hird and John Rooney, all for a few grand each, but it will be on their wages that we save.

We brought in a number of good young players in such as Luca Navarro, a young striker who gives us a different option and will immediately challenge for first team football. We also signed Mamadou Kone (RB) free from Brighton, Ben Cull (LB) free from Southampton and Liandro Martis (LW) free from Macclesfield. Very late in the transfer window we managed to finally make good on our partnership with Leeds and secure a young loanee in Niall Huggins (ST).

So a rather successful window, we achieved everything we wanted too and steadied up positions that needed strengthening. The only real let down was the partnership with Leeds, we tried to sign a number of their young players on loan and it wasnt till very late in the window we managed to secure two players. I mean yes its a free £28,256 a year but I thought it would be a really useful link for some top quality youngsters, sadly not the case and we had to settle for young striker Niall Huggins.

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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