FM20 Barrow (Ep 10 – April)

The last month of the season before the Play-Offs start, using a revolving squad I expected a mixed bag of results as we got the majority of our squad fit and match ready before the games that would decide whether we made the football league or next season.

Also this month we finally received our youth intake and sadly its not amazing but we knew this from our preview back in December. We have a few players that in the future could replace some of our highearners and they could become squad players but sadly no standouts and no superstars we can cash in on in the future.

The league kind of goes out the window now we are guaranteed playoffs and Notts County have won the league, but following our poor form recently we’ve split to third, which still means we don’t feature in the Playoffs until the semi final stage.

Player of the Month

We gave some game time to players who wouldn’t normally get as much and to my surprise the player that really stepped up was a player who came in with the youth intake, 16 year old striker Ben Hughes. The striker scored the second goal against Solihull and two against Yeovil in our final league game.

Author: Alex Scott

Currently doing as much freelance journalism work as possible. Avid football fan and player currently at Penrith Academy.

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