Oh No, We’ve Gone Full Mingo..

Flamingos, pink smoke and a dairy cow named Lionela Bessi… 

The history behind Forward Madison Football Club isn’t a very long one with the club only founded in 2018, however, in such a short period the club has packed in so much they have a story that rivals some clubs born centuries before them.

Based out of Breese Stevens Field in Madison, we stumbled across Forward Madison on Twitter and fell into a community unlike no other. Fan interactivity is, and from the sounds of it always will be, a massive part of the club and is a giant reason why they have crushed the average attendance figures in there current league.

This desire to show just what their city and their club are about stems from the very roots of the club, so we got in contact supporters group ‘The Flock’ to find out how they do it and where they want to achieve in the future.

Find the flock here —–> https://fwdflock.com

Marketing and Social Committee lead for ‘The Flock’ Jeffery Anderson was the man to respond to us and we couldn’t think of anyone else who was more qualified to answer our series of questions.

We set off trying to find out how the club is so creative across social media and what is the secret formula for going viral across the globe on multiple occasions…

“Their Digital Content Manager, Jason Klein, is amazing at making posts that resonate with a lot of people, whether it’s because those posts are funny or because they find ways to engage with people in meaningful ways. “

As open and informative as the interviewee was about his home city and his football club, no secret formula was forthcoming when we asked about going viral and plans for the future…

“We have a lot of projects brewing at the moment. We’re looking for more ways to connect with people online as well as amplify the voices of local charitable organizations doing great things in our community.”

“Last year, we held a charity stream for various LGBTQIA+ Organizations on Twitch and we’re going to be utilizing that platform a lot more in 2021. We want to use it to highlight local artists by doing some art streams and bring supporters together with other content as well.”

Few clubs outside the MLS in America can claim to have committed fans from across the globe like the wonderful people at Forward Madison FC, and from our small amount of interactions with them, we can completely understand why. They have fan groups sprouting up in all corners of the world, known as ‘flock chapters’ and as the club continues to grow, this shows no signs of slowing down.

We will be keeping an eye out on the social media channels of Forward Madison FC and the subsequent global fan groups in the future and we cant wait to see just what they have in store for the future. We will finish this feature, with a few parting words from our very helpful interviewee Jeffery,

“These are just a few things I can speak on right now, but we have more that will be announced as the year progresses. For now, the best way to stay up-to-date is by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @fwdflock. We’d love to connect with other supporters of the game we all love.”

Getting to know: Chichester City FC

Every year there is a club that makes national and international headlines due to their success in the famous FA Cup. It really is a tribute to the competition that it still elevates clubs into the national spotlight and proves that the magic of the FA Cup is still alive.

Social media also means that we see and hear more from the players than ever before and one club that has taken advantage of this is Chichester City.

The club has recently gone viral, with players and staff posting videos of them partying in a service station after qualifying for the first round proper of the FA Cup. Whilst the FA Cup can provide funding for the next year for a club, Chichester have instead gone above and beyond and made a donation from their earnings to saving another football club in Bury FC.

Since we started writing this article it has also been announced that Chichester have received a bye for the second round of the competition, the club they would have faced Bury FC are currently expelled from the football league due to financial constraints.

The BetVictor Isthmian League side have already won six games in the FA Cup to reach the first round and after receiving a bye will hope to meet a big club in the next round.

So just who are Chichester City FC? The first Chichester Football Club was formed in October 1873 and added the title of City to it’s name in 1948. The club’s original home was at Priory Park but established it’s present head quarters in Oaklands Park in the early fifties.

The current club however, was founded in the year 2000 following a merger of Chichester City and Portfield, originally going by the name Chichester City United. In 2009 they changed to Chichester City.

The last couple of years has been a very successful one for the ‘Lillywhites’, with the club winning the Southern Combination Premier Division in 2018/19 earning promotion to the Isthmian League South East Division.

Since promotion the club have adapted very well to the level and after 6 games sit 8th in the league with games in hand on the clubs around them, mainly due to their successful FA Cup run.

From Everyone here at ‘Climbing The Ladder’, we’d just like to wish everyone at Chichester all the best for the coming seasons and we hope you get the draw you want in the next round of the FA Cup. #UpTheChi

Getting to Know: Albanian FC

Formed in 1957, Today’s ‘Getting to Know’ Albanian FC have nothing to do with Albania as some may presume, instead they were formed by former students and teachers of a nearby secondary school from their base in North Finchley, London.

fielding four mens teams every Saturday afternoon, Albanian currently compete in the Amateur Football Combination. The league is currently one of the largest in Europe and has been for a number of years.

Home matches are played at the fantastic FCH Southover venue boasting an excellent grass pitch and modern changing facility and where the weather plays foul, Albanian have primary use of the brand new 4G facility at College of North East London in Enfield.

For players who feel like they are pushing on a bit, Albanian also field two different veterans teams. Meaning ideally one you join Albanian, you’re there for life!

Albanian FC are an FA Chartered Adult club with UEFA and FA licensed coaches taking regular training throughout the season. Off the pitch and the club have a community partnership with Pinnacle Fitness & Health, which gives all the clubs teams a regular access to a full fitness programme, nutritional guidance and osteopathy and physiotherapy services.

The clubs sole aim is too provide regular competitive Saturday afternoon football in a safe, fun and respectful environment for those that want it, and from what we’ve seen, they are doing a very good job of it.

From everyone here at Climbing The Ladder, we’d just like to wish everyone at Albanian FC all the best for the rest of this season and the future.

Getting to Know: Avro FC

Something that you see frequently across Europe and the rest of the world, is clubs that start out as factory or company teams, grow and grow to the point where they compete at Semi-Pro football level. You don’t see this as often in the UK, however one club that can trace its roots back to the Failsworth factory of British aircraft manufacturers Avro is this weeks ‘Getting to Know’ Avro FC.

For most of their history, Avro have been members of the Manchester League with varying levels of success. The club was founded in 1936 and since then has had three separate spells in the Manchester League, finding success during all three spells winning the Manchester County Cup on five occasions and numerous league titles.

Avro FC call the Whitebank Stadium in Limeside, Oldham home, having moved there from their traditional home at Lancaster Club in Failsworth. The stadium allowed Avro to play at a higher tier on the Non-League pyramid.After a lot of hard work on and off the pitch at the now named Vestacare Stadium, in their first season at their new home Avro won both the Manchester County Cup and the Manchester League Premier Division.

 The move to the new stadium has allowed the club to pursue its ambitions of Step 6 football which was achieved in 2018 with promotion to the NWCFL Division 1 North.

The teams first season in NWCFL saw them reach the semi-final of the Macron Cup, and the final of the First Division Cup, as well as reaching the 3rd Round Proper of the FA Vase, therefore clearly Avro were ready to play a tthis level and higher. In the league they finished runners-up to Longridge Town and were promoted as one of the highest points per game clubs in the country.

Following this, the club has recently kicked of its campaign in the North West Counties Premier Division, and for the first time in its history has the honour of competing in the FA Cup.

Outside the first team, the club runs a whole host of junior sides and is a Charter Standard club. Starting at Under 6’s the club has a history of promoting players from within, with a number of players plying there junior football with the club. Avro FC have a lot to be proud of on and off the pitch and we are sure they will continue to develop quality young players who can progress into their first team.

From everyone here at ‘Climbing The Ladder’ we would just like to wish everyone at Avro FC all the best for this season and in the future.

Getting to Know: South Western Railway FC

Our next edition of ‘Getting to Know’ and as we always do, we are going from one end of the Non-League ladder to another.

After we’ve reached the glittering heights of Non-League covering social media famous 1874 Northwich, we are taking a look at newcomers to the footballing world South Western Railway FC.

With a squad made up entirely of members of staff from the South Western Railway Company, South West are affiliated with the Hertfordshire FA and as of 2019 will be competing in the GTR Railway Friendly Flexi League.

The Flexi league has been very successful, with only four teams participating, the league goes through 6 rounds in order to keep things interesting for all involved.

Similar leagues featuring Railway based sides are being set up across the country, for example the highly successful London Underground League which now has two divisions of roughly 6 teams.

As a newly set up team, the very organised lads who represent South Western, have a full tracksuit, home and away kit, no small feet for a Flexi League team. They’ve even found the time to produce some merchandise in the form of pin badges (yes we bought one).

We would just like to wish all the lads at South Western Railway all the best in the next round of their league and we hope you have a long and successful future.