Season Two: Episode 8 (February)

A solid if not spectacular month, but most importantly we’ve maintained our title challenge and we aren’t out of touch with the title challengers.

Suddenly it seems our goalscoring has dried up, Quigley and Rooney who were our joint top goal-scorers now couldn’t hit a barn door and we are relying on goals from others to scrape though games. Its not like we aren’t creating the opportunities though, we are dominating games and creating so many chances just not converting.

There’s the league table, we are clinging onto an automatic promotion spot and while we aren’t losing games, we need to start scoring more.

Kits of Non-League: Mossley AFC

This shirt is a bit of a one off, but we like it a lot so we figured why not!

The shirt in question belongs to Mossley AFC of the Northern Premier League Division One North West and is to celebrate 40 years since the club travelled all the way to the hallowed turf of Wembley to feature in the FA Trophy final against Dagenham.

The kit looks amazing and really harks back to the kits of the 80’s, with its simplicity, with some very minute detailing. Speaking of detailing, the names of the squad seen wrapping around the right sleeve are a very nice touch.

The tribute shirt is created by the guys over at Hope And Glory Sportwear, where every shirt is manufactured using a piece of fabric made from the equivalent of approximately 16 plastic bottles. Their EcoKit material behaves in the same way the usual polyester would meaning no difference in performance from other standard kits.

Today is actually the last day you can Pre-order the shirt, therefore if you want to join us and many others in ordering this piece of history then follow the link below.

Kits of Non-League: Jersey Bulls FC

This week we decided to look at the most Southerly club playing in the English Leagues, Jersey Bulls FC.

The Bulls are built on a passion about helping to raise the profile and prospects of Jersey’s footballers at every age and standard, and will run the club for the benefit of all.

Now to the bit we are all here for! The shirt.

Credit: Jersey Bulls FC

Designed in relation to the flag of Jersey, by Italian sports clothing giant Kappa. A saltire cross similar to that of Scotland and Sweden is the focal point of the Jersey flag and the club wanted to show everyone how proud they are of their island history. So, they fly their flag on every home game and as much as they can on the mainland too.

The Bulls currently are cemented at the top of the Combined Counties Division One table, 24 points clear of second placed Farnham Town, with a +90 goal difference. Not bad for a first season in English football!

Credit: Jersey Bulls FC

That about wraps it up for our quick look at the most southernly team in English football and their fantastic Kappa home shirt.

Kits of Non-League: Radcliffe FC

Let’s launch our new series with an absolute gem of a shirt. A shirt that we had no idea existed until just the other day.

Radcliffe FC play in the BetVictor Northern Premier and as far as we are aware, are the only team in their league that play in an amazing little Admiral number.

The bespoke shirt is what really made this special for us, too often you see clubs using templates that and the fact we’ve always has a soft spot for an admiral shirt! On a side note however, if you don’t like the home shirt then we strongly suggest taking a look at the away shirt that was designed by the clubs youth sides.

Credit: @Radcliffeboro

The subtle little tribute to Manchester and the surrounding area on the shirt, ‘The Worker Bee’, has come to represent Manchester’s indomitable spirit, something that we are sure Radcliffe FC will look to replicate on the football pitch.

In summary, we’ve very quickly fallen in love with this shirt and come payday will definitely be adding it to our growing collection of Non-League shirts.

Kits of Non-League – Launch!

So here it is! The launch of our latest series and if you haven’t already read the title then we are going to be looking at the weird and sometimes wonderful world of Non-League football kits.

We already have a list of clubs and people we are set to collaborate with for this new series, but don’t be afraid to get in touch with us if you want to see your club involved.

This series was inspired by our love of football kits and our fondness of Non-League, the idea to make a series on it came from us noticing the guys over at @NonRambler taking a key interest in Non-League badges.

Therefore, we look forward to uploading for you guys a lot more regularly and interacting with you all as we’ve always done!