Kits of Non-League: Mossley AFC

This shirt is a bit of a one off, but we like it a lot so we figured why not!

The shirt in question belongs to Mossley AFC of the Northern Premier League Division One North West and is to celebrate 40 years since the club travelled all the way to the hallowed turf of Wembley to feature in the FA Trophy final against Dagenham.

The kit looks amazing and really harks back to the kits of the 80’s, with its simplicity, with some very minute detailing. Speaking of detailing, the names of the squad seen wrapping around the right sleeve are a very nice touch.

The tribute shirt is created by the guys over at Hope And Glory Sportwear, where every shirt is manufactured using a piece of fabric made from the equivalent of approximately 16 plastic bottles. Their EcoKit material behaves in the same way the usual polyester would meaning no difference in performance from other standard kits.

Today is actually the last day you can Pre-order the shirt, therefore if you want to join us and many others in ordering this piece of history then follow the link below.

International: Ynys Môn

As we continue our International Series, we think its only fair that we look at the hosts of the ongoing 2019 Inter Island Games Football Tournament Ynys Môn.

The Ynys Môn football team represents the island of Anglesey at the biannual Island Games. Ynys Môn is not a member of FIFA or UEFA, it is an island county within Wales and plays under the auspices of the Football Association of Wales, the governing body for football in Wales.

Anglesey is an island off the north coast of Wales with an area of 276 square miles. Anglesey is by far the largest island in Wales and the seventh largest in the British Isles. Anglesey is also the largest island in the Irish Sea by area, and the second most populous island after the Isle of Man.

Back to football now and The Anglesey League, comprising teams from Amlwch, Beaumaris, Holyhead, Menai Bridge, Llandegfan, and Llangefni, was formed in the 1895–1896 football season.

Tourism is the main economy on Anglesey so the hosting of a football tournament will be a great benefit to the local economy. The only reason that the tournament is being hosted on the island is because Gibralter the host of the 2019 Island Games where the football normally takes place couldn’t host a football tournament due to lack of football pitches.

The Huws Gray Ynys Môn, will be competed as a round robin tournament between three teams split into three groups followed by knock out ties. Alongside the mens tournament, a womens tournament will also be held featuring six different sides split into two groups.

From everyone here at ‘Climbing The Ladder’ we’d just like to wish everyone all the best during the tournament.

International: Panjab FA

The latest edition of of Non-Fifa International series is here and today we are covering Panjab FA.

Founded in 2014, The Panjab Football Team which is run by the Panjab Football Association was formed in in the United Kingdom and represents the Punjabi Diaspora from all over the globe. The Punjab region which the team represents is an area that stretches across parts of eastern Pakistan and northern India, and the association has aligned itself within the boundaries of this area, as represented by the Sikh Empire under Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the 19th century.


In their short history Panjab have played in a number of monumental fixtures and continue to break barriers and create opportunities for people in their community. Some of these fixtures include games against Burton Albion, Liverpool FC U23’s and the England C team.

Since their formation, Panjab have also joined ConIFA, the Confederation for Independant Football Associations, competing at two ConIFA World Cup’s finishing Runners Up in their first tournament during 2016 and a commendable 5th place during the 2018 tournament.

Panjab according to Chairman Harpeet Singh, are a “sleeping community in sport” and its one of the associations goals to awaken this sleeping giant. The Panjab team is made up of mostly semi-pro players from multiple leagues in the English Non-League system, however following the teams success at the ConIFA World Cup in 2016 three players were invited to trial at Notts County. This just shows what a great asset to the Panjab community this team is and will continue to be.

From everyone here at Climbing The Ladder, we hope that you continue on your great journey for years to come, and achieve all your goals whatever they may be.

International: Huws Gray Ynys Môn Inter-Island Games

Something a bit different now for our Non-Fifa International Series, today we are going to be talking about an entire tournament not just a single ‘nation’.

Being held between the 15th and 22nd of June in Anglesey, Wales  It is being organised due to the hosts of the 2019 Island Games, Gibraltar being unable to run a tournament due to lack of pitches. As football is one of the most popular sports at the games it was decided to hold the matches elsewhere, albeit with the results not officially part of the Island Games history.

Poster for the tournament : Credit @Ynysmon2019

It was announced on 1 May 2018 that the Welsh island had been chosen as the preferred venue to host. In August of that year 12 clubs put forward their names to hold matches and the draw for both the men’s and women’s competitions were made on 19 November by Wayne Hennessey and Osian Roberts. The sponsors of the games were Anglesey based Huws Gray builders merchants.

The Round-Robin tournament is going to be host of mens and women football from many island such as Alderney, Orkney, Jersey, The Shetlands and many more. All of these teams are Non-Fifa or UEFA Affiliated, with the exception of the Gibralter Women’s team who despite their football association being members of UEFA and FIFA, havent appeared in any of their competitions therefore qualifying to play at the Island Games.

Although this tournament will not be recognized as an official ‘Island Games’, the hosts of it Anglesey are set to host the full competition in 2025, meaning this is a great opportunity for a trial run for the island. Its also hoped that hosting these competitions will spark the re-emergence of an Anglesey Academy side and create many more positives for Ynys Mon’s footballers.

The Isle of Man are the reigning Island Games men’s football champions after they beat Greenland 6-0 in last year’s final in Gotland, however as this tournament isnt allowed in the history books, they will remain champions going into the tournament in Guernsey in 2021.

Everyone here at ‘Climbing The Ladder’ would just like to wish everyone all the best for the tournament and we will see you in Anglesey.

International: Cascadia

It was announced just hours ago that in July of this year, the first ever CONIFA game on North American soil will take place, with Darfur United travelling to take on Cascadia. With this we thought we’d take a look at both participants and up first the home side, Cascadia.

Founded by the Cascadia Association Football Federation (CAFF) in 2012, the mission statement is made very clear by those involved with the organization, that they want to allow Cascadia with its unique cultural identity, isolated bioregion and growing society to be represented at an international level.

The Cascadia Jersey

Its also been made very clear by the organization that Cascadia football is not a political tool, it’s mission is entirely cultural and sport focused.

As Cascadia crosses international boundaries, from the US States of Oregon and Washington to the Canadian Province of British Columbia and the fact it is wholly part of either Canada or the United States, means that Cascadia will never become part of FIFA or any other Federation other than ConIFA or similair organization. Despite this, in the past CAFF has expressed interest in co-existing as a regional representative team, of which there are many across the globe.

Since its founding, Cascadia has featured in one CONIFA World Cup, the 2018 tournament hosted by Barawa in London. At the tournament the North Americans had a mixed bag of results before eventually finishing 6th out of 16 teams, not a bad result for their first attempt.

In their latest squad, Cascadia or the ‘Dougies’ had players from across the globe wanting to represent them, from the UK, Denmark, Cyprus and from the United States. It says alot about just how proud people are of their home region and what it stands for that they would be willing to travel half way across the globe to play for them.

Everyone here at Climbing The Ladder would just like to wish everyone at Cascadia and CAFF all the best for the future and good luck in your first game in North America.