Oh No, We’ve Gone Full Mingo..

Flamingos, pink smoke and a dairy cow named Lionela Bessi… 

The history behind Forward Madison Football Club isn’t a very long one with the club only founded in 2018, however, in such a short period the club has packed in so much they have a story that rivals some clubs born centuries before them.

Based out of Breese Stevens Field in Madison, we stumbled across Forward Madison on Twitter and fell into a community unlike no other. Fan interactivity is, and from the sounds of it always will be, a massive part of the club and is a giant reason why they have crushed the average attendance figures in there current league.

This desire to show just what their city and their club are about stems from the very roots of the club, so we got in contact supporters group ‘The Flock’ to find out how they do it and where they want to achieve in the future.

Find the flock here —–> https://fwdflock.com

Marketing and Social Committee lead for ‘The Flock’ Jeffery Anderson was the man to respond to us and we couldn’t think of anyone else who was more qualified to answer our series of questions.

We set off trying to find out how the club is so creative across social media and what is the secret formula for going viral across the globe on multiple occasions…

“Their Digital Content Manager, Jason Klein, is amazing at making posts that resonate with a lot of people, whether it’s because those posts are funny or because they find ways to engage with people in meaningful ways. “

As open and informative as the interviewee was about his home city and his football club, no secret formula was forthcoming when we asked about going viral and plans for the future…

“We have a lot of projects brewing at the moment. We’re looking for more ways to connect with people online as well as amplify the voices of local charitable organizations doing great things in our community.”

“Last year, we held a charity stream for various LGBTQIA+ Organizations on Twitch and we’re going to be utilizing that platform a lot more in 2021. We want to use it to highlight local artists by doing some art streams and bring supporters together with other content as well.”

Few clubs outside the MLS in America can claim to have committed fans from across the globe like the wonderful people at Forward Madison FC, and from our small amount of interactions with them, we can completely understand why. They have fan groups sprouting up in all corners of the world, known as ‘flock chapters’ and as the club continues to grow, this shows no signs of slowing down.

We will be keeping an eye out on the social media channels of Forward Madison FC and the subsequent global fan groups in the future and we cant wait to see just what they have in store for the future. We will finish this feature, with a few parting words from our very helpful interviewee Jeffery,

“These are just a few things I can speak on right now, but we have more that will be announced as the year progresses. For now, the best way to stay up-to-date is by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @fwdflock. We’d love to connect with other supporters of the game we all love.”

International: Cascadia

It was announced just hours ago that in July of this year, the first ever CONIFA game on North American soil will take place, with Darfur United travelling to take on Cascadia. With this we thought we’d take a look at both participants and up first the home side, Cascadia.

Founded by the Cascadia Association Football Federation (CAFF) in 2012, the mission statement is made very clear by those involved with the organization, that they want to allow Cascadia with its unique cultural identity, isolated bioregion and growing society to be represented at an international level.

The Cascadia Jersey

Its also been made very clear by the organization that Cascadia football is not a political tool, it’s mission is entirely cultural and sport focused.

As Cascadia crosses international boundaries, from the US States of Oregon and Washington to the Canadian Province of British Columbia and the fact it is wholly part of either Canada or the United States, means that Cascadia will never become part of FIFA or any other Federation other than ConIFA or similair organization. Despite this, in the past CAFF has expressed interest in co-existing as a regional representative team, of which there are many across the globe.

Since its founding, Cascadia has featured in one CONIFA World Cup, the 2018 tournament hosted by Barawa in London. At the tournament the North Americans had a mixed bag of results before eventually finishing 6th out of 16 teams, not a bad result for their first attempt.

In their latest squad, Cascadia or the ‘Dougies’ had players from across the globe wanting to represent them, from the UK, Denmark, Cyprus and from the United States. It says alot about just how proud people are of their home region and what it stands for that they would be willing to travel half way across the globe to play for them.

Everyone here at Climbing The Ladder would just like to wish everyone at Cascadia and CAFF all the best for the future and good luck in your first game in North America.